The key to creating successful private label product is to create a great brand where you can differentiate from the common products and charge a premium.


Josh Taylor, Founder of Mecca Eleven

Do you need a new product seamlessly woven into your brand without having to invest heavily to bring it to market? Or, do you want to test a market or concept before investing heavily into designing your own custom product? Our private label program might be perfect for you.  


Private Labeling is a quick and inexpensive way to add additional products to your product line, or to test new product concepts before investing into design, development and tooling to create your own custom version.


The hard part about private labeling overseas is figuring out who to work with and how to manage that manufacturing process. As much as you might save on cost, it’s common to face fraud or poor product quality when you gamble with trading companies or untested suppliers on Alibaba.


Mecca Eleven will help by using our network of verified suppliers to give you peace of mind. We also help with supplier negotiation, local project management and QC inspections to ensure good product quality and good margins that allow your brand to grow.