“Folks who are new to product development tend to think of factories as magic product copiers: we send our final [drawings or] prototype to manufacturing and exact copies start pouring out. Nope. No magic, just lots of hard work!”


Alan Cohen, Prototype to Product: A Practical Guide for Getting to Market

The only thing that is guaranteed about developing a new product is that there WILL be surprises.  These surprises are what cause 95% of products to fail. This number is so high because everyone underestimates how challenging development can be.  They generally fail to create a realistic product plan, reasonable budget, schedules, and proper sequencing of steps. We help with this.


While we can’t eliminate all of the surprises, we can certainly help plan for as many contingencies as possible, set reasonable expectations, budgets and schedules to help you beat the odds at this stage and get your product into production.


We consider product development and production our core competency.  We have pricing options for both retainer models and total product price models.  Most of our clients chose our total pricing models because our final pricing to them with our margin included is generally very competitive with factory direct pricing they can get on their own.