Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.


William A. Foster

Outside Quality Control inspections are often an overlooked aspect of manufacturing that can save your company cost, quality, lost reputation, and time on orders.  Far too often, you realize this after it is too late.


We have developed quality control systems and documentation that are invaluable to assure that your products are being looked out for with your best interests in mind. These systems work best when we manage development through production, but we have several 3rd party options available as well:

  • Standard QC

    • We offer several standard QC checks including:


          • Defect Removal and Destruction
          • During Production (DUPRO) Inspection
          • Production Monitoring
          • Final Random Inspection
          • Loading and Transportation Inspection
        • Deliverables Include:
          • Inspection criteria – We’ll suggest specific checks for your inspection and guide you in developing custom QC criteria if needed.
          • Booking inspection – After your inspection criteria is complete, we’ll work with your supplier to arrange inspection according to your schedule.
          • QC Report – After your inspection you’ll receive a complete report with photos and notes showing the condition and quality of your product and any issues found.
          • Follow Up Questions – We’ll work with you to discuss any part of the inspection, including follow up questions and further clarifications needed so you can address any problems with your supplier appropriately.
        • QC is always included for our production customers.  


    • Custom QC inspections start at $215 / day.


  • Laboratory Testing

      • We can coordinate custom or standardized industry testing on your behalf:
      • Materials testing and verification.
      • Industry required testing and verifications
      • REACH and CA Prop 65 Testing
      • Polymer, Plastic, and Rubber Testing
      • Finish Quality Standards for Coated Surfaces
      • Durability Tests
      • Cure and Finish Tests
      • Coating Thickness Tests
      • Adhesion Tests
      • Fabric Testing
      • Waterproof testing

      Impact, Force, and Strength

  • Part Time QC

  • We sub-contract and train a dedicated QC Manager, specifically for your project, that will monitor internal QC and perform regular inspections at each phase of manufacturing followed with reports. This gives you more information faster during the production process to minimize the impact of problems on the final delivery schedule and quality of your products.
  • Full Time QC

      • Our Full Time QC consists of everything that the Part Time QC consists of with the additional benefit of the sub-contracted QC Manager living in the factory full time which allows for eyes to constantly monitor every step more carefully with the ability to gather even more information than the Part Time QC is capable of gathering.
      • The cost of QC is measured by how long the QC Manager lives on site (covering wages, food, and housing to live on site) and not by how many units there are per PO.