Our mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs successfully bring their new products to market by 2025 through education, working side-by-side, and using proven processes to optimize the entire production process from sample development to final production and delivery.

Below, you’ll find an overview of the process we have carefully developed to help you take your product from concept through production and onto perfection.

Exploratory Phase

In this phase our goal is to see if we are a fit to work together.  We’ll dig into your project to review the information you have available which could be as simple as a concept sketched on a napkin to CAD drawings or even a completed prototype or samples. Then we’ll work with you to help you refine your concept to gain very clear understanding of your product and its function, purpose, position and market.


Based on our review, our product team will evaluate your product and all submitted information to determine which program you are the best fit for. We’ll also provide feedback and a feasibility report from a manufacturing perspective for your product.

Design Phase

If design is required for your product, we’ll complete a statement of work based on the detailed review of your project that will be a critical document to keep all of our goals aligned and get you the outcome you want through the crazy phases that lie ahead.  


Once that is complete, we’ll provide a design quote for you based on your specific project.  Once approved, we’ll begin with the Industrial Design or CAD design of your product depending on what makes the most sense. We’ll work closely with you during this phase to design a product that you are genuinely excited about.


At the end of this phase you’ll have either a Tech Pack or CAD files along with a Bill of Materials that we can use to get started in the Development Phase.  We’ll also use these files to provide a more accurate product cost estimate.

Development Phase

With your completed designs in hand, we’ll select the factory within our network that is the best fit for your project based on capabilities, size, price and schedule. Then, we’ll work closely with the factory to prepare a proposal and cost estimate for your product. Depending on the project this may include tooling, product, and freight cost.


If the proposal looks good and is approved by you, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work on development.   


Many people think of factories as magic product copiers that crank our perfect copies of your product from the designs we submit. However, this is where the real work actually begins.  During development we will go through several Design > Build > Test iterations to prepare to manufacture your product at scale.


The first iteration is to build a rapid prototype to validate your design from a high level and make sure the product functions properly. Once approved, we work through the required “Looks Like” and “Works Like” prototype iterations until we get to a Golden Prototype that can be approved for manufacturing.


Our goal here is to develop all of the processes required for manufacturing your unique product. This includes creating the molds, patterns, and specs required for manufacturing.  The result is you’ll have a final golden sample that can be approved for manufacturing and we’ll have the tools and processes in place to begin the Pilot Build Phase.

Pilot Build Phase

The pilot build phase is the first real test of everything we’ve done up to this point. Our objective with the Pilot production build is to move from a golden prototype to good production quality at scale.  


During this phase we’ll continually monitor production and QC your product to make sure it is being built according to your specifications. When production is complete, we conduct a Final Random QC (quality control) inspection and prepare for shipment.

Refine Phase

Now, we take everything to take everything we learned about producing at scale from the pilot build phase and refine the manufacturing processes to produce even higher quality products more consistently.  We’ll also incorporate feedback from all of the users of your product to make refinements to the product itself and continue to make it better.


During the Refine Phase we’ll keep improving the qc processes in order to keep improving the quality of the final shipped product.


Our goal is to make your product even better than the first production run in order for you to have a more competitive product, better sales and of course – happier customers.

Optimize & Sustain Phase

Our objective for these phases are to go even deeper to fine tune the manufacturing processes. We work with you and the factories to forecast production and begin to work with raw materials suppliers directly to improve quality and lead times.


We’ll also continue to fine tune the Quality Control systems to make sure they are sustainable long term.


We work hard to continue to produce a high-quality product faster and more consistently. We work to shorten your cash cycle, negotiate better terms.


During these phases, production should be fully automated for you.  Simply send an email to order and you’re done. You’ve completely leveraged your time and have this part of your business dialed.