Logistics Made Easy

Logistics are the last thing standing between you and your product. We have broken down logistics into a 6 step process. These steps are merely checkpoints from our end, however, they give a better idea of where products may be after they have left the factory. 


1st Step: Factory

After production, the order is packaged at the factory and ready to be delivered to a nearby port.


2nd Step: Export

After being picked up at the factory, the order is dropped off at a port in the manufacturing country. The exporting countries Taxes and Duties will be applied here. Either the factory (FOB) or importer (ExWorks) pays for it.


3rd Step: On the Water

After the shipment is loaded and takes off from the port, it can take 18-22 days to cross the ocean, depending on port city, to arrive to The United States.


4th Step: Customs

After the shipment arrives, it gets unloaded from the vessel and clears customs of the importing country. Customs will document materials being imported and apply fees if needed. This process can take 7-10 days to complete.


5th Step: Ground & Rail

After entry into the importing country, the order can be delivered to your warehouse by truck or train depending on costs, ease, and time. Depending on your location, ground transportation can take anywhere from 3-8 days to arrive from the port.


6th Step: Customer

After 33-40 days from leaving the factory, the product will arrive at your warehouse, where you will be able to ship to your customers directly!

Josh Taylor