Product Research Process

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I have a great idea for a product.” Everybody has a great idea for a product, but when people say this, they don’t realize they have skipped the first 3 steps of the design process, and by doing that they have significantly limited the potential of their idea!

Sequence is king.  Instead of saying, “I have a great idea” say, “I know of a big problem.” When you skip the Define, Research and Specify step and start with, “I have a great idea” you really narrow the potential of the product.

Occasionally, people are intuitively right, and things work out great, but according to Harvard Business Review, they are wrong 95% of the time. Usually, they just miss the mark and the product never catches on and fails.

Download A High Resolution PDF of the Exact Product Research Process We Use With Our Clients Here

Let’s change that. If you spend just 60 – 90 minutes on following the few critical steps in the process above you’ll have the benefit of being very clear on who will buy your product, how they’d prefer to use it, and how to market it to them as a solution to their problem.

This will give you a lot of clarity and focus as you do the research for your product. In this download, we show you the exact steps and sequence we take our clients through to get predictable good results and good research every time.

Three Steps to Great Product Research

1 – Define the Problem – Figure out who your ideal users are, what they want, and what problem stands in the way of them getting what they want.

2 – Research Users, Competitors, and Markets – Document the user stories, the main activities they’ll use your product for and specific tasks they’ll do with your product. Who are the competitors? What are the markets.

3 – Specify Key Results and Goals – What value will your product bring to the market? What are the key results or benefits your users want? What are the goals and criteria your product has to meet to be successful?

Josh Taylor