The ‘Made in China’ Hoax

I once had this misconception about Chinese made products. The stereotype of “Made In China” wasn’t something I always based my purchases on. However, it made me think their manufacturing competencies were not to the “superiority” of the US; turns out, my misinformed self was wrong.

We all know China as one of the most prevailing manufacturing supremacies in the world. However, we focus on the “cheap” and “low quality” parts that China produces on a consistent basis instead of acknowledging the excellent products they do manufacture. Honestly, every country (even the US) can produce inferior parts; we just happen to notice China because they are able to manufacture more than other countries.

Consumer Electronics


China manufactures well over 90% of the world’s personal computers. Computers have evolved from being a luxury item a decade ago to a necessity for everyone from students to business owners today.

China is also the largest producer of cellphones. Literally the device to supersede the homephone, television, computer, radio, flashlight, and other huge innovations of the past century. Each year, 7 out of 10 people are likely using a cell phone that was Made in China. 

Though we associate China with making toys and plastic parts, China deserves praise for producing a majority of electronics that consumers (especially American consumers) rely on day in and day out. Without China succeeding in devising a sizable number of engineers and competent workforces to capitalize on these goods, we would be out of luck.

Plastic Manufacturing

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Plastic is synonymous to China. So much so, that China alone exports as much plastic as the next four largest plastic exporting countries combined. Reason being, China is able to produce higher quantities with high competition. While China subsequently receives the knack for making low quality parts, the truth is, low quality parts can come from any country, including The United States. The key to attaining exceptional eminent plastic parts is not a matter of what country it comes from but more to do with sourcing a quality mold injection supplier.

Cut & Sewn Manufacuring

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Clothing usually comes to mind for products that involve cutting and sewing from natural and synthetic fabrics. However, China focuses on non-clothing items (i.e. backpacks, seat covers, shoes, etc.). Clothing has made a migration to other neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Thailand.

Producing cut & sewn items in China is favorable compared to countries due to the rigorous amount of labor involved. With over 70% of the cost of cut & sewn items are dedicated towards labor, it is no wonder companies are looking overseas for their production of cut and sewn items.

Metal Fabrication


Steel production is a great representation of a country’s manufacturing success. China produces almost ten times the amount of metric tons of steel than the United States. In China, the state owns many of the factories. This allows factories to benefit from the subsidies provided by the government. As well as offering extremely competitive rates for steel manufacturing.

While China, as a whole, produces more than other countries, they are not inferior in quality or incapable of producing complex devices. As a matter of fact, if it were not for China, many companies would not be able to deliver their great product ideas to market. Consumers and brands have been deceived by China’s reputation. When it comes to manufacturing, good quality derives highly from good sourcing and efficient processes. 

Josh Taylor