Our mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs successfully bring their new products to market by 2025 through education, working side-by-side, and using proven processes to optimize the entire production process from sample development to final production and delivery.


At Mecca Eleven, we’re devoted the the belief that the impossible can become possible and it’s fun figuring it out. We do that by using smart strategies, playing to our strengths, trusting in a higher power, and working our butts off to bring great products to market.


Mecca Eleven was founded by three friends who were passionate about the outdoor industry. We had worked together on many projects to bring great products to the marketplace. We discovered that we had a knack for fine-tuning the look and feel for products and packaging that were huge hits. Through our years in the industry, we had cultivated great relationships with many terrific suppliers in Asia. Our love for travel, outdoors, and design brought us together to create Mecca Eleven. It’s our way of staying close to the industry we love and helping other driven entrepreneurs bring their products to market.

All three of us are rock climbing partners, and one of the climbing routes that we first focused our energy toward in our morning climbing sessions before work was on a 50-foot piece of sandstone in our town of St. George, Utah. The route is known as “Mecca”, and is rated 5.11c.


We thought it fitting as we started a challenging and rewarding company to mirror the name of something that we once set a goal toward and conquered.


That’s how Mecca Eleven came to be.


Josh Taylor

Josh has been an entrepreneur for over 14 years. In that time he’s been able to work on every aspect of business from sales and marketing to developing winning product concepts. His end-to-end knowledge of products gives him a unique perspective on developing really successful products.

One of his favorite things is testing new products by putting them through the ringer. Josh is an avid outdoorsman. He loves mountain biking, trail running, climbing, surfing and just about anything else that will get him outdoors.

He genuinely enjoys working with successful companies and to help them become even better through great products.

Josh Taylor


Steve has a passion for business like no other especially when it involves growing companies and anything entrepreneurial. While attending Utah State University and obtaining a BS Degree in Business Administration, Steve jumped in with both feet and was involved with three start-up companies before graduating from college. In 1989 he founded a new company importing textile products from Thailand and finished soft goods from Taiwan and Korea. He focused on the cut & sew industry which included building a new brand of plastic and metal hardware which he had manufactured under contract with factories in Taiwan and China. After 3 years his hardware brand and company became a target and was acquired by Velcro USA. Steve entered into a contract with the Velcro Company to continue managing the business he had started and soon built it into a successful worldwide brand of plastic and metal fasteners.

Steve has been involved as a founder in several other startup companies and building new brands which continue to be successful today. He has 28 years of expertise in manufacturing products throughout Asia which includes textiles, apparel, tooling molds, plastic injection molding and metal fabrications.

When not working Steve is a motorsports fan and can be found as both a spectator and participant in anything that has a motor and goes fast.

Stephen Stewart


Dan has been working in manufacturing all over the globe for the past 15 years. His primary experience and expertise are in plastics and metal fabrications in Asia. He has been involved with the product development and initial manufacturing for hundreds of unique products spanning a variety of industries. Dan has also helped launch several successful product and distribution brands taking on the roles of channel sales and marketing strategy. From napkin drawings to the million dollar businesses, Dan has done it all.

Dan Stewart


Kris is a product manager for Mecca Eleven. Kris brings a very unique skillset to product management with his formal education and background in Industrial Design. He has been involved in the design and development process for more than 15 years. He has been involved in everything from creating visually stimulating graphics to developing UI (user interface) to developing functional products sold in Costco.

Kris Sidwell

Project Manager
Paul Jaussi

Paul's passion is manufacturing and the systems that deliver products to the customer. He has over 20 years of manufacturing experience, primarily in the electronics assembly industry, where he has created industry recognized standards, led teams to design the unique tools for the electronic industry, and managed the teams required to bring great products to life.

Paul Jaussi

Project Manager

Hailing from China, Fred is a Chinese project manager that manages all of our hard goods. Since graduating in 2007, he has heavily engaged himself in mold design, product development, and engineering in the Manufacturing City of the World: Dongguan, China. Since joining Mecca Eleven, Fred has been using his extensive amount of resources and knowledge to help our clients bring great products to market.

Fred Hu

Project Manager

Suki is one of our project managers in our China Office and has 10 years of experience in Chinese Manufacturing. With her extensive knowledge of fabrics and materials, valuable experience in the production of footwear and other items, and having the capability to completely manage each step in production from development to final production, Suki has what it takes to bring quality products to our client's doorstep.

Suki Lin

Project Manager

Chris has been working with engineers, designers, and industrial designers since 1990. He has completed countless projects in just about every industry from material handling to consumer sport products. Mechanical Design is his passion built on a life's work. He strives to work closely with each client to ensure they are getting exactly what they need and expect. He has built his reputation the good old fashion way with hard work, attention to detail, and an uncompromising dedication to good design.

Being a designer for over 20 years has taught Chris how to stay nimble, cutting edge, and highly efficient. Being faster, providing higher quality, using better tools, and re-thinking how he does things on a continual basis is how he stays ahead of curve.

Chris Miller

Mechanical Designer

Bryce is our Resident Industrial Designer. He got his start doodling cars and planes on the wall with a crayon as a kid. That grew into making detailed sketches of guitars and other things of interest on the back of his notebooks; he has always been interested in the way things look and how he can improve upon it. He looks forward to helping design sweet products that people will love.

Bryce Smith



Our U.S. office is located in beautiful St. George, Utah where when we are not working we are exploring all of the local wonders surrounding here. Our Chinese office is located in the heart of the manufacturing giant of Dong Guan, CN. With a team located on both sides of the world, we have been able to effectively serve businesses just like yours.



We are in a hot spot for mountain biking. With miles and miles of trails to ride, we are often biking before, after, and sometimes in the middle of the workday. Whenever we can!


Our name was inspired by a popular climbing route to the locals of Southern Utah known as Mecca. It’s only fitting to work for a company inspired by something you are passionate about.


From soccer, basketball, and even ultimate frisbee we are always participating and competing against others.